Recent Rounds of Spam Accounts

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Recent Rounds of Spam Accounts

Post by Octan on 2/22/2014, 5:49 am

On February 22, we were hit with 84 new members, using already registered names and emails that appear to be spam related. We are not sure the purpose of this attack, be advertising or more malicious but all accounts have been deleted. It appears the accounts were generated from already existing usernames, to attempt to have us delete innocents while cleaning up, but due to Forumotion's wonderful tools all was rolled back. Registration is now admin approved until it is clear the attack is over. User data and non new accounts were not effected.

All accounts made on Feb. 22 were banned, if you believe you were wrongly banned contact a staff member.

The Brick Hope Staff

The IP range that attack came from has been identified and I can say with confidence that no-non spam accounts were removed yesterday. We just finished up with removing all the spam accounts and registration as normal should return in the coming days.

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