[MOC] The Insectoid General

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[MOC] The Insectoid General

Post by General Magma on 10/22/2012, 6:13 am

Hello everybody, and welcome to this thread showcasing my latest creation...

For a long time, on and on, I've been thinking of creating my own Sci-Fi/space theme within the LEGO realm,
mostly featuring elements that I thought up myself, along with things that were inspired by other Sci-Fi/space related works such as video games.
This would also include elements from official LEGO themes - think of SP3 or Blacktron when it comes to that, but especially Space Marines.

Now, I've finally decided to create the first thing related to that. I can't say it's related to the old Insectoids theme in any way,
this guy's just part of an Insectoid alien army that will end up being one of the main adversaries of the intergalactic Space Army and other kinds of peacekeepers.
This theme can't go without a story, however, which is something I've yet to start on. Let's hope the upcoming (though rumored) Insectoid figures will be of use to me...

But 'nuff said, let's move onto the the MOC:

The Insectoid General

And an alternate version of the picture with the MOC on its own without the surrounding pics:

"Deep beneath the surface of planet Ivargath V, in an underground facility, an Insectoid hive is being created for one single purpose...
to build up the largest Insectoid army the galaxy has ever gazed upon, consisting of one of the deadliest Insectoid species known to have lived,
and to lay waste to all who dare oppose them. The intergalactic Space Army is about to face their perhaps most dangerous adversary yet..."
General Magma
General Magma

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Re: [MOC] The Insectoid General

Post by JCC1004 on 10/29/2012, 6:51 am

Looks great!

I always love brick built characters!


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