[MOC] The Battle of Osgiliath

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[MOC] The Battle of Osgiliath

Post by General Magma on 10/22/2012, 6:10 am

Hello all!

Just wanted to share with you a diorama I've been working on,
featuring the Battle of Osgiliath from The Lord of the Rings (ROTK).

"Once the pride of Gondor, a shining city near the River of Anduin, now a battlefield overrun by the evil forces of Sauron. Gondorians and Ithilien Rangers are fighting for their lives as more and more orcs keep approaching from the East, but it all seems like a never-ending wave of evil sweeping itself over the outnumbered forces of the West..."


Enjoy, C&C is welcome as always.
General Magma

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Re: [MOC] The Battle of Osgiliath

Post by Octan on 10/23/2012, 11:34 pm

I really like this, the damage on the buildings looks great. I wish you mixed in more of the textured-brick 1/2's but they are seemingly hard to get now.

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