Staff Panel Changes

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Staff Panel Changes

Post by JCC1004 on 2/21/2012, 3:52 pm

Hello Members of The Brick Hope. It is with great sorrow that I announce our Moderator, Flare, is retiring from his position and will become a Veteran in honour of the work and time he has put into TBH. Unfortunately he won't be around the forum much either, as real life catches up with everyone. We hope that everything goes well for you Flare in your future.

And with that our Staff Panel is now down one Moderator. The Staff of TBH feel that our current staff pannel is a good size considering our number of members. However, having two Administrators and one Moderator seems unfair. That is why I, JCC, am stepping down from my Administrator position and leaving Octan in charge. However I am now under the Founder rank, as many of you have noticed. I will not stop running this site, but since I'm in a dark age I am taking a step back from the LEGO community. You will still see me online everyday however.

Now that Octan is the sole Administrator I allowed him to change his rank colour to what he desired. So in the end most of the changes are just cosmetic. I just wanted to let everyone know.

Thank you,
Founder of The Brick Hope

If you wish to read more about these changes, follow these links:
The Staff Panel
Tags and Ranks


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