Hero Factory Combiner Models

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Hero Factory Combiner Models

Post by Bandn43 on 10/8/2011, 10:09 pm

Hi guys
I'm not really a big hero Factory fan but my brother is.
so he showed me this in bricipedia
Most of you may know this already i'm not sure.

As you all know on the backs of the hero factory boxes you can find a picture of 2 sets joined together to make one bigger one. Well, the instructions for how to combine them have been released on the internet

Rocka 3.0 and Stormer 3.0 Combiner Model
Stringer 3.0 and Nex 3.0 Combiner Model
Bulk 3.0 and Furno 3.0 Combiner Model
Nex 2.0 and Surge 2.0 Combiner Model

The instructions can be found on lego.com

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