Finish the MOC!

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Finish the MOC!

Post by JackDawson1010 on 6/5/2011, 3:46 pm

This month's contest is a short one. I have the base of an LDD model, and I want you to finish it. The base was done in LDD Universe mode, and that is what is required. That is basically everything you need to know other then deadline. The deadline is July 15th. Since it's only 30-40 days, I don't expect the greatest MOC ever. So, without further ado, the base:


If you are interested in entering, PM me your email so I may email you the base. Final note, the winner won't be decided by me, but by a group voting.

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Re: Finish the MOC!

Post by Henri da Flipper on 6/5/2011, 4:51 pm

You know my e-mail, send me this so I can blow yall away with another batmobile >:D
Henri da Flipper
Henri da Flipper
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