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Abridged Series

Post by Henri da Flipper on 4/20/2011, 7:08 pm

Abridged series are basically taking an episode or series of episodes or even a movie from an animé like show and shortening them adding new dialogue in order to make the plot stay similar to the original but much funnier.

This started with two shows, YuGiOh The Abridged Series and Naruto Abridged, soon more where developed like TeamFourStar and Avatar Abridged.

My favorites amongst all shows are
Yugioh The Abridged Series(Little Kuriboh)
Avatar Abridged(GanXingba)
Naruto The Abridged Comedy Spoof Show(making fun of Naruto Abridged)(Little Kuriboh=

I just saw the lest episode of Ninjabridge(Naruto The Abridged Comedy Spoof Show) and I quite enjoyed it and would like to know if there are fellow abridged series fans in the forum.

Some cross the borders a bit(Yugioh Abridged Spin-off by little Kuriboh: cr@psule monsters) and some episodes contain alot of potty mouth, still they are quite entertaining and I'd advise 'em to everyone who needs a chuckle.

Yugioh Abridged has the most episodes out(51 not counting specials and songs) and it started it all so I'd very much advise you that one, if you actually watched yugioh when you weren't a kid(english version of course) you'll laugh alot more, Yami Yugi called Dan Green from time to time, Tristan's voice dying in episode 8(in which, in the original, the voice actor for Tristan was changed), and several other jokes.

Cheers and tell em what your favorite abridged series are and why.
Henri da Flipper
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