Mafia Games Finally Picked!

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Mafia Games Finally Picked!

Post by The Breakdown on 2/8/2011, 8:49 pm

Now, I have fairly drawn every mafia slip. I am sorry if your mafia was last or near the end. These are the results:

1st Place- The original TBH Mystery!
This is a surprise everyone will like. I will make a custom person as close to their sig fig as possible, and it will be in this mafia game!

2nd Place- Pharaoh's Tomb

3rd Place- Fabuland Mafia

4th Place- Redcoat Rage

5th Place- SW OT Mafia Game

6th Place- The End of the City
Congratulations to all of the people that reposted their mafia games to be played in this first half of the year's playlist!

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