How to post properly

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How to post properly

Post by Burman on 9/18/2010, 5:26 pm

This tutorial is here to help people improve on what they do most here at Eirebricks: post comments in forums. This is a collection of tips designed to help you write more substantive comments, better criticism, and ultimately, more effective posts. As Rudyard Kipling said, “Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

But, you might think, why put in the effort? First of all, well-written posts help you look like a more intelligent contributor. But that's not all. If you start writing effective comments, you'll stick out in the crowd and people will remember you. In the end, these people will reciprocate, and you'll gather more friends and see more comments on your own works.

Tips for responding to MOCs:
People spend hours, days, months, even years on building some of the magnificent works you see here. They’ve posted their masterpiece for you to notice, and they’ll appreciate a well-written comment to no end.

Tip 1: Notice the details!
- One of the most difficult, painstaking parts of an original build lies in its details. Point them out! Follow builder's links to their Flickr or Brickshelf page – you’ll find amazing things you would otherwise miss out on.

Tip 2: Write something you’d want to see on your own MOC.
- Read through the posts on your MOCs and pick out the ones that you appreciate most. Learn from those writers. For example, which of the following comments would you prefer?

  • "Cool MOC", :thumbdown: or
  • "I think what really draws me in is that it's made out of mostly standard bricks and plates, balancing both the traditional LEGO look as well as the incredible realism of the model." :thumbup:

^ I’d trade a dozen of the first comment for just one of the second.

Tip 3: Use the builder’s screenname.
- Salespeople use this trick all the time, and it helps make your comment more personal: use the builder's screen name! E.g.: “Flare, it’s evident you’ve put a lot of effort into your ship”
- Be careful, however, not to overuse someone’s name… you’ll look like you’re trying a little too hard ;-).

Tip 4: Artful and Constructive Criticism.
- When I post an MOC, I like to know other people might improve it. However, writing criticism can be tricky – post only to help, not to tear down.

  • Start by taking the time to study the work so you can offer a critique that is well-thought and helpful.
  • Always begin with the strengths, then address the weaknesses and problem areas using positive language.
  • Be objective, especially if the piece you’re critiquing is not a style or genre that you love.
  • Make solid suggestions for improvement. Don’t be vague.
  • Offer your critique without using strong, negative language. E.g.: “I think a different color would really bring out the detail” goes a lot further than saying “Blue looks terrible there”.
  • Be patient with yourself as you learn how to critique effectively
    (Several of these tips on criticism are courtesy of [url=""]Melissa Donovan[/url])

Some general tips:

Tip 1: Take a minute and proofread your post!
- Read back over your comment at least once before finally posting it. You’d be surprised what you might catch! Recently, a user on EB took a few sentences to correct another user’s writing. However, in correcting the other person, the user left a glaring grammatical error in his own post. If only he’d proofread…
- Use the "Preview Post" button to help in your proofreading. This handy little button allows you to view your post in final form, but it doesn't yet publish your post to the forums.

Tip 2: The edit button:
- You can use this invaluable tool to go back and correct your post even after it's been posted; however:
- this tool should be used carefully and sparingly, especially if you're changing the substance of a post, if you've been quoted, or if others have posted after you.
- If you make a substantial change after your post has been up for awhile, make a footnote explaining why you've made changes. This could avoid controversy or accusations down the road.

Tip 3: Quality over Quantity:
- New users (and some not so new) frequently post all over the place, trying to build up their post count for whatever reason. If you’re looking to be establish yourself here, a few quality posts will take you a lot further than hundreds of short, dime-a-dozen lines. Put the work into it and it will pay off!
- At the same time, this shouldn't discourage frequent participation! Some of our best contributors are those who makes excellent, substantial, and frequent comments, keeping the forums lively.


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Re: How to post properly

Post by Brickfoot7 on 9/19/2010, 2:36 am

Thanks for the tips I have wanted people to do this to my work but I have not done most of that stuff either.
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