Star Wars Mini Mob Game!

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Star Wars Mini Mob Game!

Post by The Breakdown on 10/30/2010, 11:53 pm

Join the all-new Star Wars Mini Mob Game today, hosted by our members, lennonfan1010, and Octan.

Beginning Topic:
The planet of Naboo was a peaceful planet, no worries, not in the middle of conflict, until...."A diplomat has been murdered!" cried many people in worry and fear. This is the hight of the Clone Wars, and the war has reached Naboo. After many lives lost to discover what is going on, they discover that a Bounty Hunter hired by the CIS and CIS members themselves are in the very government of Naboo.

The Empire- The Empire Long Hair
blhc11 the great- blhc11 the great
Brickfoot7- Stormtrooper
JCC1004- JCC1004
FettJango- Indiana Jones
perthpoke- perthpoke

This game will begin shorty, you can discuss it over here.

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