All Smilies are up!

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All Smilies are up!

Post by The Breakdown on 10/15/2010, 10:01 pm

Our custom smilies are really successful, and even some might be YOUR sig-fig! Take a look!

Wave 1:
Smile Smile 2 Classic Smile Grin Grin Moustache Woman Silly Blush Sad Sad 2 Angry Evil Devil Angry 2 Evil 2 X Eyes Pirate Tongue Tongue 2 Sick Ghost Talking Scream Scream 2 Singing Alien Zeus Sleeping Question Bright Idea Love Harry Potter Indiana Jones Prince Dastan Luke Skywalker JCC1004 The Empire Burman General Redwater Ratshot Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Red Brick Blue Brick Yellow Brick Grape Apple Plum

Wave 2:
Crying Batman Black Batman Blue The Penguin Mutt Williams Snob Wink Cool & Calm Devil 2 Wilhuff Tarkin jj481012 Alfred the Butler Smirk Severus Snape Fancy Bob Barker Sheik Amar Nizam Closed Eyes Frown Peaceful Redcoat Bluecoat Redcoat 2 Bluecoat 2 Glasses Steven Q. Urkle Posideon Hades Shocked Knight Red Knight Blue Knight Green King Quiet Apocalypse Soldier 1 The Joker Apocalypse Soldier 2 Neutral Bug-Eyes The Riddler Hoth Rebel Trooper Darth Vader Cavalry Lieutenant Imperial Officer German Soldier Rebel Fleet Trooper Hoth Rebel Trooper 2 Death Star Trooper Old Whistling Guiltily JCC The Prophet Head The Empire Long Hair Luke Skywalker (Old Alamut Merchant Johnny Thunder Octan Halo ODST blhc11 the great Stormtrooper Laugh Tongue 3 Robin perthpoke

Anyone see their smilie?

~Anyone miss out of Wave 2 requests? No problem! Just ask ahead for Wave 3, coming November!~

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